Why we love Melissa & Doug Toys

Why we love Melissa & Doug Toys

There are few toy producers out there who inspire childhood creativity through thoughtful designs, which is why it’s important to give the right gifts for your loved ones. That’s why Melissa and Doug are top of our list when it comes to creating the best gift box for you and your family. This husband and wife duo have been designing games, toys and other educational products for decades. Their ingenuity shows in everything they do.

From stuffed toys and puppets to games and musical instruments, every toy provokes a child’s imagination in ways not seen in many other items on the market. This logic is a founding principle for the company in its ongoing campaign to Take Back Childhood.

The founders of Fun-In-The-Box share this passion for creating quality moments between parents and children. That’s why we featured the Melissa and Doug Giddy Buggy Bug House, Giddy Buggy Good Gardening Gloves and a Bag of Bugs in our summer subscription box.

“The toys remind me of the ones I used to play at my grandma’s house,” says Fun-In-The-Box co-founder Michelle. “The ones that made it through generations. It’s the high-quality materials that make them stand out, not cheap plastic.”

Inspire your child’s creativity

There are so many stories about Melissa and Doug online, but some of the best testimonials about their passion for producing inspirational children toys come from the masterminds themselves. In every Melissa and Doug video online, you can see for yourself how genuine and sincere this couple is when it comes to the true philosophy behind every decision they make.

“Nothing inspires me more than having an impact on a child in their development,” Melissa tells her husband in one of the videos. “Through the products we make, if we can have a small impact on helping kids to be more curious, use their imagination more, inspire them to discover who they are and what they’re passionate about, then — to me — we’ve achieved our goal.”

Get on the floor and play

The couple started by selling one simple child’s educational toy out of the back of their station wagon more than 25 years ago. Since then, though, their company has blossomed into a full fledged toy manufacturer with dozens of items to choose. “The fact the business was started out in a garage and grew to be such a huge success speaks for itself,” Michelle says. “They have earned their place among the toy greats.”

Melissa and Doug’s philosophy resonates with our own mission. In a recent interview, Fun-In-The-Box’s resident social worker and child behaviour specialist, Sabrina LaTona, discussed the important ways to inspire creative play with children. Giving examples of how board games can lead to problem-solving and team-building skills, or how imaginary play fuels creativity, Sabrina reinforces the need for parents to avoid “teaching or instructing” during playtime. Just be present in the moment and have fun. That approach is made easy when you try most products from Melissa and Doug.


Our Founder Danielle loves to inspire creative play in the garden. She chose the Melissa and Doug Giddy Buggy Good Gripping Gardening Gloves for this box because they were the perfect fit for her kids little hands. “I’ve been looking for a pair of great quality gardening gloves for years and when I tried the Melissa & Doug line, they became my favourite.  

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