Summer Box Review

Summer Box Review

Fun-In-The-Box is a subscription box for kids zero to eight.  A subscription with us means your child will receive a package every three months of four-to-six cool toys and products that are kid-tested and mom-approved. Our goal is to make gift giving easy for grandparents, relatives, friends and parents.

If you missed our Summer Box, not to worry, we’re still going to tell you where you can purchase these awesome products. Just look at the pictures below and, if you like what you see, click the product. 

To learn why we chose Melissa & Doug for some of our toy selections, read our recent blog why we love Melissa & Doug.

Fun-In-The-Box does not currently sell individual items featured in our past boxes.

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Summer Box 2018

* select items available through subscription only

 Bath Bomb *

Retail: $6.00
Girl/Boy: Age 2-8

Melissa &Doug
Giddy Buggy Bug House

Retail: $13.79
Bag of Bugs $9.65
Girl/Boy: Age 2-6

Rock the Locks
Conditioning Detangler

Retail: $9.99 US
Girl: Age 2-8

Ice Cream Cone
 Bath Sponge *
Retail: $9.99
Girl/Boy: Age 2-8
Also available in our Birthday Box

CSE Games
10 Down

Retail: $20.00
Girl/Boy: Age 6-8

Melissa & Doug
Giddy Buggy Good
 Gardening Gloves

Retail: $6.89
Girl/Boy: Age 2-6

Rock the Locks Hair Paste

Retail: $5.99 US
Boy: Age 2-8

Rock the Locks
Shampoo & Conditioner

No sulfates
Retail: $5.00 US
Boy: Age 2-8

Nothing but Nature
Sample Bug Bar

Girl/Boy: Age 0-8

Please contact Retailer for Bars

Bella Tunno
Happy Knees
Retail: $12.95
Girl/Boy: Age 0-2

Bella Tunno Baby Bib
Retail: $16.95
Girl/Boy: Age 0-2

Mama Bear Books
Retail: $10.95
Girl/Boy: Age 0-2