About Us

About Us

Have you ever had the feeling of being in a rut? Just wishing you could be your own boss, spend more time with your kids and let your creative juices flow? Maybe you’ve thought of an awesome business idea while sharing a bottle of wine with friends but then never really
pursued it.

Well, the founders of Fun-in-the-Box were feeling those things this time last year but they decided to actually act on their ideas. They’ve launched a subscription box business hoping to make it easier for parents and children to spend some one-on-one quality time together and to try great products.

“I just felt like I was working so much and wanted to do something to spend more time with my kids. We sat around thinking what can we do? The more we talked about it, ideas flowed and this kind of came into play,” says Danielle, one of three co-founders. 

The idea started with the concept of creating and selling busy bags- small bags of items meant to keep kids busy on long car rides or doctor office visits. They thought of selling the bags using the social selling model- like Tupperware or Scentsy. Soon the idea fizzled when they realized just what it would take to be successful in that type of venture.

That’s when they came to the notion of a subscription box. A box full of unique items these busy moms have found to keep their kids happy and entertained. Items that create the opportunity for getting down on the ground and playing with your child. 

“I know with each of my kids one-on-one time is really good for them, anything that I can do with them they really appreciate. So just having successful quality time with your kids,” says Lisa is special.

Each business partner describes themselves as dedicated moms who love their children and want nothing but the best for them. Of course, that can mean different things to different people and that’s where the input from all three helps to create the perfect box full of fun and uniquely sourced items. 

“The one thing I know I’ve done right is my kids. That’s something I know I’m good at. I know I can put my 100 percent into the kids and it shows and doing things with them was always a goal,” says Michelle. 

Michelle is a mom to three kids, Sawyer, 8, Payton, 7, and Luke, 5. She describes herself as the organic, grounded mom who is always looking to create moments with her children. She’d like the subscription box to create those moments for other families.

“I hope it creates a bonding moment, for just that 10 minutes but then hopefully it will carry on through your day and you realize how important those moments are,” says Michelle.

Danielle mom to Nina, 8, and Luca, 5, is the kind of mom who loves to find that different gift for her child’s best friend.  To see the look in their eyes when they open something they never knew they always wanted. She wants to introduce fun new products to parents everywhere.

“We hope that people get good value out of them and their kids get a sense of joy out of getting something in the mail. We remember when we were kids and how excited we would be when something came in the mail for us.  We hope the toys are something kids will like to play with and something that parents will take the time to sit on the floor and actually spend some quality time playing with their kids looking at the stuff in the box,” says Danielle.

Lisa, mom to Fiona, 4, and Grayson, 2, is a busy mom who is always looking for the next best thing that will keep her kids happy and entertained.  She says she’s guilty of sometimes using the TV as a “babysitter”(and let’s be honest who isn’t?)  and is always looking for things that will encourage playtime she can be engaged in as well.

“I know for me, even if I have 10 minutes of time with the kids, that time is important,” says Lisa. “Having something like this will just remind you to spend those quality moments with your kids.”

Together they say the main goal is fun. Fun with your kids using unique products sourced from across Canada that you may not have discovered on your own.

Danielle says it’s also important for them to support other businesses launched by parents trying to make life better for families. They want to source items from the ma and pa shops around Canada that you probably won’t find in the big-box stores.

As they launch their business and send out the first subscription boxes the founders of Fun-in-the-Box are looking to the future, hoping they can introduce parents and families to amazing products for years to come.

“I would love to see this take off, and for our kids to see what we’ve done. I think that’s pretty darn cool when you actually put your mind to it and make something happen,” says Michelle.

For more information on what you might find in a subscription box and how to order one click here.